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Hi! I'm auspiciousoctopi
I help                     
pay rent


I design merchandise systems for

people unsure if they will sell 10 t-shirts 

and people sure they will sell 10,000 t-shirts

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web-store design and management

e-commerce management

product design and manufacture


print on demand and dropshipping

end to end system automation

warehousing and fufillment


communications and returns

marketing strategy

artist and designer solicitation

managing artwork commissions


logo and graghic design

artist profit shares

in-house or external builds

sales and financial reporting

and more

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t- shirts


















and more


Merchandising that can grow with your brand. From ten to ten thousand sales a month, an option for any sized store to meet your brand’s needs with the flexibility to scale up or down to meet changing requirements.

Minimal upfront cost. Smaller brands can offer a full range of products while minimising the up-front costs and management time with automated print-on-demand product ranges and drop shipping fulfilment. Pay the cost of printing merch only after you have already made the sale.

Profit maximisation. Larger brands can control everything from design to manufacturing to fulfilment to delivery. Brands can maximise profit margins through large batch and low cost manufacture, bespoke global warehousing systems, custom fulfilment solutions, completely customisable product range, advertising campaigns and interfacing with social media teams. Own an end-to-end system designed to maximise profits and control over absolutely everything without the hassle of doing it yourself.
No in-perpetuity merchandising rights. Chase that Netflix show dream without worrying about merchandise rights stalling negotiations.

Experienced design and management. Focus on your actual job without worrying about manufacturing lead times, product returns or warehousing stock issues. Make the fun design choices, get paid and leave all the mundane issues to us. 
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